Adrenaline Gifts & Experience Days

Adrenaline Gifts & Experience Days – if you need a little inspiration…

The best thing about gift experiences is that they give you the opportunity to realise your dreams and enable you to participate in activities you never would have normally had the chance to. Why is it that all the fun activities we’ve always wanted to do are always something spine tingling and not particularly for the faint hearted?!!

Well to meet your demands and provide you with the most adrenaline pumping gift experiences, we’ve hand picked the very best in scary scary gift experiences that are sure to get your heart racing.

Whether it’s jumping out of a plane, or indeed getting behind the wheel of one, there’s a great range of our flying gift experiences that have made the cut into the scary gift experiences range. Equally driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini can be just as terrifying and of course some of the very best in driving gift experiences can be found in this range as well.

For some, taking to the water in a White Water Rafting adventure is about as scary as you can get so why not test their fear with one of the gift experiences.

Scary gift experiences although perhaps the most terrifying, are often the most fun. Take a look through the entire range and see which gift experiences you can find to scare your friends and family. For more ideas, go back to all the gift experiences…