How it works

What is an impression-gift?

What to do next?

Step 1

Choice of experiences

From the entire assortment on the site, you put 1 to 5 impressions as a gift. If it’s difficult to decide, add more options – you can guess exactly what the recipient will like.

Step 2

Package design

Determine how the gift will look like – an original large box or an electronic certificate. You can add congratulations to each option – on a postcard or in a letter.

Step 3

Buying a gift

You pay the cost of the service. And if the recipient chooses something cheaper, they can use the difference for another impression.

Step 4

Congratulations with the WOW effect

The recipient will be pleasantly surprised two times: when he receives the gift and when he visits the impression itself.

What's included in the gift?

  • Large designer confetti box
  • Postcards with photos and descriptions of impressions
  • greeting card
  • Gift certificate (plastic card)
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